ivana djordjevic

I'm a Vancouver based creative specializing in photography and videography.

I love an adventure and my style conveys just that; I like to be in the mix with the people and places I am shooting. Somewhere along the way I came to realize that telling my own story and helping other people tell their's with images was where I liked to play.

I shoot everything from music festivals to charity balls, from baby showers to store openings, private events, weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers - name it and I’ve done it or am ready to tackle it.

Getting to know the people behind the stories is important to me, no matter what the project is, it's the human element that drives my photography.

My unique perspective and style will capture the best of you, your guests and the environment of the event. I am versatile and well-equipped to mingle through the event unnoticed but capturing the exact shots to tell your story.

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